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June Newsletter

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A Big Thank You! 

As we swung open the doors at 6:45am for the Easter Sunrise Service the congregation was blessed with Colton's musin and the sunrays of the new day. Halleljah he is risen! Just as Jesus started a new chapter in his life we were reminded about the fruits of the spirit. Pastor's skit broke down the evil that creeps like a wall between us and God. Thanks Beth, Angela, Steve, Roma, Jonathon, Mitzi and Tiffany for helping show the transformation from our sinful ways into fruition of the spirits. Reminding us the cross is not just for the Easter season but should be carried in our hearts every day. 

Wow! We had 13 kids show up for our fun Easter festivities. We started with the traditional flowering of the cross. Which led into ceramic painting and the Easter egg hunt. Thank you everyone who helped provide flowers and thanks Steve & LaNell for providing the ceramic's / paints. The Easter Bunny would also like to thank all of his little helpers.

Pinks, Purples, and Yellows, greeted you as you entered the sanctuary for the traditional Easter service held at 9:30am. The sounds of the brass echoed as Pam, Angela and Karen accompanied the joyful Easter anthems. Jesus has risen triumphantly was the message for Easter morning led by Michelle. As the choir added that special Easter touch to the songs we carry in our hearts. 

It takes many minds, hands and hearts to make a great day really special. So, THANK YOU to everyone who helped and everyone who came to receive the Special Easter Blessings.  

May 2019 Newsletter Cover

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There's one word that means so much to me, that word is Mother, she's done so much you see.
To help me grow from day to day stronger and braver in every way.
She tells me stories of Jesus, of Jonah and the whale, of Daniel in the lion's den, and all the prophet's tales.
So I want to grow to be like her, and since this is her day, I'd like to say,
"Thank you mothers everywhere and God bless you in every way." 
- Rosa Lee McGree

April 2019 Newsletter Cover

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Ponderings of Pastor Paul

To everything there is a season. As Christians, we are entering the season of Holy Week and Easter. This is the most sacred time for believers in Jesus Christ. In the services of Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter. We move from the intimacy of Jesus with his disciples gathered around the last supper, to the public anguish of the crucifixion, to the eternal promise of resurrection. Within these services we are reminded of Jesus' love and passion for us. 

But I have not forgotten the story from last year. So, why should we go through it all again this year? 

Attending these services is not because we do not know the story. Most of us have been told the story with our minds, but knowing we continue in the story. God's story of resurrection is still going on, and we are participants. As we attend these services, we bring the intimate center of our lives and our deepest grief and hurts, and experience how God brings new life and a new future in the midst of these realities. This is God's promise, and why it is important we participate in it! 

To this end, I invite and encourge you to attend "The Great Three," of the greatest services of hte Christian faith. 

April 18, Maunday Thursday - 7:00 PM - St. Peter's @ Ander (Co-Op Service)

April 19, Good Friday  - 3:00 PM - Zion @ Arneckeville (Co-Op Service)

- 7:00 PM - St. Luke's @ Schroeder (Co-Op Service)

April 21, Easter Sunrise - 7:00 AM - Martin Luther @ Coletoville (Co-Op Service)

April 21, Easter Breakfast  - 8:00 AM - Martin Luther @ Coletoville (Co-Op Service)

Festival Service of Resurrection - 9:00 AM - Zion @ Arneckeville

- 9:30 AM - Martin Luther @ Coletoville

- 11:00 AM - St. Luke's @ Schroeder 

It is a joy for me to be part of the continuing story of God's on-going resurrection in our lives and our churches. 

With prayers for a blessed Holy Week and Easter, 

Pastor Paul 

The Journey of Our World Relief Quilts

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March 2019 Newsletter Cover

The Journey of Our World Relief Quilts by Lela Bell Heinold

The journey of our quilts began when some kind ladies gave us bags of fabric and scraps they no longer wanted or needed. Pieces long and small, every color and print you can imagine.

Their journey began at my sewing machine. Everyone was made love and a blessing.

The next step on their journey was here at church. And on Tuesdays serveral ladies put them together; tops on bottoms and a warm blanket or batting between. They tack and tie them and hem them. And when they are finished, they make a beautiful warm quilt for someone far away.

The next step on their journey, will be on Palm Sunday. They are all put in the church. They recieve God's Blessing and given to the Glory of God with our love.

Then on the Monday after Palm Sunday the ladies pack the quilts in study boxes to continue their long journey to other places. They are then sent to Cuero, and from there they continue on to other places where other churches gather together with quilts. There they are securely packed for their long journey to other countries. To people who are in need.

And I pray that each person that recieves one of these quilts will know they are made and sent with our love and the love of Jesus.

That will be the end of a long journey, that they began with a few bags of fabric that no one wanted or needed.

This article was written by Lela Bell Heinold a few years ago and read by her to our WELCA ladies. We were all touched by it and wanted to share it in her honor.

Lela Bell passed away on January 31, 2019; March 3rd would have been her 94th birthday. So in memory of a very special lady who will not be forgotten, but missed