Martin Luther Evangelical 
Lutheran Church

2535 Coletoville Road
Victoria, TX 77905
(361) 575-0806

Martin Luther 
Lutheran Church

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Sunday Morning &Worship 

Join us for Worship this Sunday!

Coffee Fellowship      10:00am

Worship                       10:30am

Communion every Sunday

Sunday School Blast every

third sunday after church.

Christian Center

If you would like information on the use of our Christian Center click here

If you need to call

 Pastor Paul

his cell number



Prayer request::

Please send your prayer request to Mary Buesing .


Lenten Meal

on Wednesdays

6:00 P.M.

Soup and Sandwiches

March 16, 2018

Youth Group Fish Fry

4:30 to 6:30

Plates $9.00 

 AfterNo Church Blast


Dominoes every Thursday  1:30 at for the fellowship hall  for  Men's Christian Fellowship

Quilting and Tacking every Tuesday. Come join the WELCA women and learn to quilt.

Senior Citizens Lunch First Thursday of the month

April 5, 2018

11:30 A.M. 


Thank You for All the Delicious Meals Ladies. 

Council Officers for 2018

President Steve Gengenbacher

Vice President Tommy Cooley

Secretary Mary Ann Hauboldt

Treasurer Don Heinold

Committee Liasons for 2018

Christian Education Bonda Farek    

Evangelical Ministries Logan Brandt

Finance Don Heinold

Luther League/Youth Bonda Farek

Promotions and Advertising S. Gengenbacher

Memorial Mona Coldewey

Property Tommy Cooley

Stewardship Paul Wauson

Worship Mary Ann Hauboldt

Council Person on Duty for 2018

Feb. Logan Brandt                     August B. Farek & Don Heinold

March Don Heinold                   Sept. P. Wauson & T. Cooley

April S. Gengenbacher              October Tommy Cooley

May Paul Wauson                     November Mona Coldewey

June Bonda Farek                    Dec. L. Brandt & S. Gengenbacher

July Mary Ann Hauboldt           Jan. 2019 Mona Coldewey

Ministry Schedule for Feb. 2018 

Greeter         Usher            Acolyte           Lector          Com. Setup      Teller       Cleaners


               Mona          Jonathon &              Jonathan         Darlene         Mona Coldewey         Bonda            4/3 Lupe 

            Coldewey     Darrell Raska              Raska           Raska           & Darlene Raska         Farek             Espinoza


                 Cindy       Alan Sizemore             Gary                 Pam                  Ken & Pam          Tommy       3/10 Bruce

              Sizemore      & T. Cooley               Groll                Lemke                   Lemke               Cooley      Williams family


           Darlene      Paul Wauson                Kyle                  Mitzie                 Robbie &             Mitzi          3/17 Dianna

           Willemin     & Brad Willemin           Shedd              Wauson              Bonda Farek      Wauson          Zimmer


          Oma Dean    Don Heinold &              Tristan           Barbara          Barbara & Don       Don        3/24 Dean

            Pantel         Robbie Farek          Sylvester-Diebel   Heinold               Heinold            Heinold    Albrecht family.


             Pam       Logan Brandt &           Jonathan            Jonathan         Gary & Pam    Jonathan      3/31 Logan

           Lemke        Gary Groll                   Raska                Raska                  Groll              Raska        Brandt Family  

March Flower Committee: Darlene Williams &  Mary Buesing

Yard Maintenance and Garbage Pickup Teams:

2/25-3/10  Lemke, Raska, & Koenig Families

3/11-24     Logan Brandt

3/2/-4/7    Alan Sizemore Family 

Team Leaders are the first anme listed for the date.

Change to calendars: Please note- Liturgical Colors

3/4  Purple

3/11 Purple

3/18 Purple

3/25 Red  Palm Sunday